Read what some the musicians I’ve worked with have to say about their experiences. If we’ve worked together, I value any feedback you would like to give. Please head over to my contact page if you’d like to share your thoughts, and thank you.

Booth Wilson of of sand MTN and Support Force:

Tim has the patience of a Zen monk. He’ll follow you down any sonic rabbit hole you’d like to explore while keeping you on point and acting as helpful sounding board.

Jonathan Magdaleno of Support Force:

I’ve worked with more engineers in more studios than I can remember – since I was 15, at least. Looking back, Tim stands out. He puts himself into the project, the space, the mindset, etc. Never intimidating or egotistical but he’ll respectfully call you on your shit if the schedule begins to break. He always finds a keen balance between professionalism and fun. A bit of a side note but I’ve also never laughed or had as good of a time recording than when my band recorded our 7-inch at his studio. You can tell the whole process is somewhat sacred to him – a trait that becomes concrete once you hear a final product.

Chris Vos of The Record Company:

I had the pleasure of working with Tim on two seperate projects [Maxim Ludwig and The Goodnight Noises], and I would recommend him to anybody.  Both times I worked with Tim we had a limited budget, and Tim killed it with his professionalism and ability to get great sound together quickly.  He doesn’t mess around, he gets great results, is well organized, and he is a true professional behind the board.

Will Carpenter of Towering Trees:

Our experience recording with Tim Shrout at Badlands was overwhelmingly positive. As a small band on a tight budget, Tim offered incredible rates for a good space with the right gear and (most imporantly) a great engineer. We managed to do a lot in a short period of time, never feeling rushed or hasty. Tim brought great ideas to the table and helped immensely in bringing our own abstract concepts to life at the mixing board. His mixes were clean and he was very flexible and patient in the final (more tedious) stages of mixing. I would recommend (and have recommended) his services to anyone looking for a studio for their next project.

Steven Whiteley of Sumi:

[Tim] was extremely cooperative in making the songs sound exactly how I had planned and dictated to him. Most of all, Tim has an ear unlike most people have. He can hear all the little things and seems to always know what to do to make them sound the best. Working with Tim has been a pleasure…

Philippe Bronchtein of Hip Hatchet:

Tim Shrout is a really fantastic engineer/mixer/producer to work with. He’s super professional but at the same time is totally relaxed and friendly. It’s great to work with someone who approaches your projects as a collaboration rather than just another job. I’ve also heard Tim Shrout referred to as a “sonic genius.”

Ivan Kuraev, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist:

Tim helped me get a fresh start on several mixes, and his advice really allowed me to go back and rediscover what worked in the songs and what needed correction. I always go into projects thinking that I can navigate mixing by myself, but I quickly realize that even the simplest issues are difficult to resolve without the help of someone who has experience and an acute musical intuition. Thank you, Tim!