Pedals on the floor of Badlands during the Ben Seretan sessionsBelow is a selection of projects that I have worked on, with the most recent ones at the top.

P = Producing        R = Recording        M = Mixing        E/A = Edting/Assisting


Laura GibsonEmpire BuilderE/A – John Askew
AltadoreOpal, Luna and HymanR
Alialujah ChoirLive From The Banana StandR+M
Ben SeretanBowl Of PlumsE/A – Victor Nash
The DomesticsLive From The Banana StandR
Bearcubbin’!Live From The Banana StandR+M
EL VYReturn To The MoonE/A – Jeff Stuart Saltzman + Brent Knopf
BaltoLive At MarmosetR+M
Hip HatchetHold You Like A HarnessR+M+P
Social StudiesLive From The Banana StandR
The Grizzled MightyLive From PortlandR
Lost LanderMedallionE/A – John Askew + Jeff Stuart Saltzman
BaltoCall It By Its NameR+M+P
AltadoreWandering Ghost EPR
Woolen MenLive From The Banana StandR+M
illmaculate + TxERed Bull Sound SelectR for Banana Stand Media
Purse CandyVisions Of A Healed KingdomR
Swan SovereignThree SinglesE/A – John Askew
SpookiesLive From The Banana StandR
John Askew (composer)CoopedE/A
Modern KinLive From The Banana StandR+M
Operators + Future IslandsPitchfork Nightcap at Doug FirR w/ Chris Vita for Banana Stand Media
Porter Ray + Ricky and MarkRed Bull Sound SelectR for Banana Stand Media
The DelinesColfaxE/A – John Askew
Broken ArmLive From The Banana StandR
Magic Mouth + LunchRed Bull Sound SelectR for Banana Stand Media
EidolonsLive From The Banana StandR+M
Alialujah ChoirBig Picture ShowR+E/A
AlamedaLive From The Banana StandR+M
Sons of Huns + The We Shared MilkRed Bull Sound SelectE/A for Banana Stand Media
GaytheistLive From The Banana StandM
Towering TreesHangover HeartsR+M
Lost Lander + Magic FadesRed Bull Sound SelectR+M for Banana Stand Media
Radiation CityLive From The Banana StandR
Mister TangBaby’s First EPR+M
Port St. WillowSoft Light RushR
Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats)Instrument Teepee SessionE/A
Sam HumansLive From The Banana StandR+M
The Early“Universal Leader”R
Fun Yeti“Honeydew”R+M
And And AndLive From The Banana StandR
U ScoNest EPR
GrandparentsLive From The Banana StandR
The We Shared MilkLive From The Banana StandR
Earring AidEPR+M
Fanno CreekLive From The Banana StandM
Purse Candy“Red Wagon”M
The ProtonsThe Explanatory GapR
The We Shared Milk“Yass Yass”P+R
Ben Seretan and The EarlyIn TwoR
Support ForceA Grammar of Vision“Untitled” + “Unholy”R+M
Like A Villain / The EarlySplit Cassette TapeR+M (except “For Reasons Still Unknown”, recorded and mixed by Holland Andrews)
The Early“In Korea”P+R+M
Hip HatchetJoy and Better DaysR+M
RakeUntitled LPR
SharpeyeBeyond The Realm of ReasonRSharpeye recording guitar at Badlands studio in Portland
Towering TreesToweringR+M
Purse Candy“Frozen Lips”M
YouthJune EPR+M
Hip HatchetCoward’s Luck EPR
Balto + Hip Hatchet“I’m On Fire”R+M
Liz De Lisewhite house, no wallsR+M
Maxim LudwigThis Round Is On Me EPR
Stolen JarsStolen JarsMastering
The Goodnight NoisesFive SongsRHip Hatchet recording Joy and Better Days at the Map Room
Y La BambaCourt The StormE/AJeff Stuart Saltzman
Jake And The Neverland PiratesVarious SongsE/AJeff Stuart Saltzman
DandeloE/ARaymond Richards
Sunset SaintsUntitled EPR
Tristan ClopêtName It What You WantE/ARaymond Richards
Herbert RussellUntitled AlbumR
George GlassGeorge GlassR
The FadiesEPR
The EarlyLiberty SessionsR+M
A House For LionsE/ARaymond RichardsTim Shrout recording The Goodnight Noises at Bedrock in LA
Swimming In TreesEPKE/A
Alex PosellProject for Ghost Note LTDR
We BarbariansHeadspaceE/ADann Gallucci
John NagleVarious SongsE/APeter Avveduti
Andrew WKSession @ Kingsize StudiosA (setup)Andrew WK
Chasing KingsJust Our Luck / Maybe It’s The DistanceE/ASteven Rhodes
Fake ProblemsReal Ghosts Caught On TapeE/ATed Hutt + Ryan Mall
Young The GiantYoung The GiantE/AJoe Chiccarelli
J TillmanLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
AULuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Boy Eats Drum MachineLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Davila 666Luxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Adam GreenLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Jaguar LoveLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Dengue FeverLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter MalickJ Tillman recording a Luxury Wafers session at Kingsize Studios in Los Angeles
Loch LomandLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick


Wye OakLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Langhorne SlimLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
The Most Serene RepublicLuxury Wafers SessionM+E/APeter Malick
AMLuxury Wafers SessionM
Tom BrosseauLuxury Wafers SessionM
The Duchess and The DukeLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Division DayLuxury Wafers SessionM
PrincetonLuxury Wafers SessionMLoch Lomand recording their Luxury Wafers video at Kingsize Recording Studio
IllinoisLuxury Wafers SessionM
LissieLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Tim ExileLuxury Wafers SessionM+E/APeter Malick
Mason ProperLuxury Wafers SessionM
Cory ChiselLuxury Wafers SessionM+E/APeter Malick
Brendan BensonLuxury Wafers SessionE/APeter Malick
Happy HollowsLuxury Wafers SessionM
The Mother HipsLuxury Wafers SessionM
Great NorthernLuxury Wafers SessionM
The So So GlosLuxury Wafers SessionM
Throw Me The StatueLuxury Wafers SessionMLanghorne Slim Recording setup for their Luxury Wafers session at Chessvolt Studio
CitayLuxury Wafers SessionM
The Dry SpellsLuxury Wafers SessionM
Saint MotelLuxury Wafers SessionM
The Phenomenal Handclap BandLuxury Wafers SessionM
Ha Ha TonkaLuxury Wafers SessionM
Cave CountryLuxury Wafers SessionM
Foxtails BrigadeLuxury Wafers SessionM
The WeightLuxury Wafers SessionM
Judgement DayLuxury Wafers SessionM
Freddie & FrancineLuxury Wafers SessionM
Mannequin ManLuxury Wafers SessionM
EulogiesLuxury Wafers SessionMLissie recording a Luxury Wafers live video session at Chessvolt Studios
Jessica FichotLuxury Wafers SessionM
LinksLuxury Wafers SessionM
Kris GruenLuxury Wafers SessionM+E/APeter Malick
Anni RossiLuxury Wafers SessionM+E/APeter Malick
Le SwitchLuxury Wafers SessionM
The Happy HollowsChickens In Love“Weird Group of Bandits”R
Frog Hollow“Dinner Song”M
USC JazzreachAnnual Compilation (2008 + 2009)R+M
Hip HatchetScarecrow EPP+R+M
Philippe Bronchtein, Ken Edelson, and Tim Shrout“Wilderness”P+R+M
Die! Die! Die!DemosR+M