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new release: Hip Hatchet // Hold You Like A Harness

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I’m really proud to have worked on this one. Hip Hatchet’s latest album comes out today. It’s been a long time coming for sure, but I still love listening to these songs. Congrats Phil! Listen to “Coward’s Luck” or better yet head over to the Hip Hatchet Bandcamp page and get the whole thing. Hold You Like […]

support // Hip Hatchet Kickstarter

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My longtime collaborator and even more longtime friend Philippe Bronchtein launched a Kickstarter campaign to support a vinyl release of the new Hip Hatched record.  I produced, recorded, and mixed the album, and am incredibly proud of it. The incentives are simple, essentially allowing you to pre-order the vinyl.  Check out the video on the […]

new release: Alameda // Live From The Banana Stand

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At the end of September 2013, Portland got hit with some pretty incredible rainstorms.  Obviously we’re used to rain, but this was torrential in a way that most of us hadn’t seen in a while.  While I usually enjoy listening to heavy rain from inside a warm house, this time it was actually causing me […]

Best Of 2010…

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With Christmas coming up, that means New Years is right around the corner. Of course, this means every website, blog, Tumblr, Twitter feed, and online magazine will soon publish an onslaught of “Best ______ of 2010.” I usually love these things, especially the music ones since they provide an opportunity to discover some great albums […]