Ring of Bone // Weather Exposed

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I’ve been loving this record for the past week.  It’s absolutely perfect music to get lost in on cold gray mornings.  I had the pleasure of working with Jason at Badlands, though none of the tracks we worked on are included on this record.  Jason’s creativity is infectious, and leads to beautiful, unexpected places in […]

moment: “John Brown” // The Early

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I don’t have much of a reason to post this beyond the sentimental value it holds.  It’s a short clip from an Early record that I selected in the Pro Tools session while mixing.  For some reason (I can’t remember if it was accidental or on purpose) I held down the Shift key and pressed […]

NYC Arithmetic // Adam Abada

battery street sign

My friend Adam Abada made this a few years ago, skating the length of Manhattan and shooting each street sign along the way.  I’m really happy he decided to leave the audio, because the rhythms and timbres that his edit induces are a lot of fun.  I love the the little moments that stand out […]

Mister Tang – ‘Baby’s First EP’

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Last winter, when Backspace was in danger of folding, Banana Stand and I donated a day of recording to their crowdfunding campaign.  The supporter who purchased the perk gave it to her boyfriend for Christmas (wow, by the way.  Super thoughtful and generous gift.) The result of this was that I got to work with […]