support // Hip Hatchet Kickstarter

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My longtime collaborator and even more longtime friend Philippe Bronchtein launched a Kickstarter campaign to support a vinyl release of the new Hip Hatched record.  I produced, recorded, and mixed the album, and am incredibly proud of it. The incentives are simple, essentially allowing you to pre-order the vinyl.  Check out the video on the […]

working on // Alameda

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A photo posted by Stirling Myles (@stirlingmyles) on Jan 1, 2015 at 10:35am PST Tracked some drums yesterday with Barra Brown (also of The Wishermen and the Barra Brown Quintet) and Stirling Myles for the upcoming Alameda record.  We’re working in the new Marmoset studio.

new release: Woolen Men // Live From The Banana Stand

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Woolen Men were one of the first bands I saw in Portland.  It was a rainy night (duh) and they were playing with Karen (band, not a person) at East End.  Karen doesn’t seem to be active anymore, and East End had a fire and won’t be opening again.  But Woolen Men as a band has […]

event // Sunrise Series with Weather Exposed

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Last year I shared a track from Jason Gray of Weather Exposed.  I’m still loving “Ring Of Bone” and am excited to be collaborating with Jason (along with Stirling Myles of Alameda) again for a unique show experience. On October 16th, Jason will be performing as the sun rises over Portland.  The venue is Union/Pine, […]